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No support - No racing

To be able to race on a higher level here in Spain I am always looking for partners  who want to be seen with me and support a Swedish guy racing on Spanish soil. If you would become my sponsor, you will not only contribute to my lifelong dream but also gain brand visibility on racing equipment such as the race car, helmet and promotional materials. In addition to this, you will also be advertised on all of my social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. 
Here are some of the spaces/platforms we can offer in our sponsor package:


The best exposure is always the helmet, since its usually the one that people see the most and recognise the driver. 


I wear my suit with pride and represent the sponsors who support me, always in the best way possible. 


On my car we have a lot of cool ideas on how to show our supporters. We will also expose our car on different events in South of Spain. 

Team gear

All the people surrounding us, sponsors, friends and family show their support by wearing our team gear. 

Social media

We work with Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Svenska Magasinet in order to be exposed as much as possible. 


We do events together with some of our sponsors, such as karting races at Campillos. 

Postman in the press

Here you can see whats been written about me since I moved to Spain. 

Support packages

Here are a few examples of sponsorship packages we can offer. 

Option 1

Visibility on race car + overall + helmet + team jersey + social media + 50% discount on advertisement in Svenska Magasinet: €4000

Option 2

Visibility on racing car + helmet + 50% discount on advertisement in Svenska Magasinet: €2000

Option 3

Visibility on racing car + 50% discount on advertisement in Svenska Magasinet: €1000

Go fund me

There is always the possibility to support my racing by donating any amount to my GoFundMe-account. Here you can contribute anonymously, by company name or your private name. This support goes directly to my racing budget for 2024.