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Who is the postman?

My name is Alex Calson

I was born in Sweden in 2008 just outside Stockholm. Now i live together with my family in Marbella. My passion in life is racing and I do hope that one day I can become a professional racer. 

How did it all start? On my 6th birthday my dad gave me a karting helmet and took me to a karting school at Granja Viana in Sao Paulo Brasil. I was hooked to the sport ever since.

I started racing in 2020 in formula Mini (95cc) and came 3rd overall in the MKR-championship the first year and 5th in the year after. 2022 I started racing in Rotax Junior 125cc. I was on a comfortable second place mid-season before we decided to move to Spain. Here in Spain I came second in my first race in Junior 125 end 2022.

In 2023 I started racing with a Rotax DD2 in the Spanish championship called Madrileno and later also a Rotax Senior 125cc. This is a learning year for me and Im loving it!

2024 I am stepping up to a new level in Racing, by driving a Radical SR1 with Marbella Motorsports in the CAVA series. 


On my 6th birthday my parents gave me a helmet and a gokart lesson at Karting Granja Viana (Sao Paulo). This is where my largest passion in life started, to race. 


In April of 2020 I did my first karting race at Järfälla MK north of Stockholm in a Formula Mini Raket 95. They put me on the top of the podium after that race and that was the best feeling in the world! 


This was my last year racing in Formula Mini and with great results. Overall 5th in the Swedish MKR championship and the name ”The Postman” was given to me. 


This year I moved up to J125 racing in the Swedish Rotax Max Challenge championship with Sodi. Podium finishes in every race and great speed. But mid season me and my family moved to Spain and I had to abort my attempt to reach the world Rotax finals i Portugal. 


This is my first year racing for my new Spanish team ALC Motorsport with my Rotax DD2 Tony kart and Rotax Senior 125. This is the beginning of something great! 


For the 2024 season I will drive a Radical SR1 and join team Marbella Motorsport who is the official Radical importer in Spain. I will do 5 races in the CAVA championship. 

Why ”the Postman”?

My dad was my mechanic when I started karting and he didnt get along so well with our engine. Therefor I always got a not so competetive kart in the qualifications. But I always managed to give it all and show my strengths in the races, often driving over the karts limitations and delivering good results in the end. One karting father came to us in one of our races and said I drove just like the postman: ”delivering results”. The Postman name has been with me ever since. 

Helmet design

My helmet is a replica of the legendary "Mr Lemans" Tom Kristensens helmet that he used at one of his races that he won in DTM. It has also been blessed by Tom and there for we have his signature on the back of our helmet. 

Racing in Sweden


My first year in a J 125 working together with Sodi Sweden ECK.
Racing in Sweden


My last year in the CRG Mini Raket 95 category. 
Racing in Sweden


My first racing year in the CRG Mini Raket 95category. 
Past Postman supporters
During my first years in karting I have been supported by a group of companies and individuals who forever will be remembered. 
POstman support

No support - no racing

Alex is extremely motivated and eager to progress in his racing career. For him to be able to race on the level he aims for, we need support in every way. So if you are willing to support him, let us know. Feel free to contribute to his fundraiser.